About Codner.co

Our vision is to be the #1 community-centric space for e-commerce founders; to build a community where founders can learn how to build generational wealth & maximize joy in their work.

Our training and community provide a safe space for founders to have fun, learn, grow and feel supported in different phases of their business so they don’t feel alone.

Who We Help

We help e-commerce founders build brands to the ultimate performance level. We work with real boss founders who experience burnout, stress or overwhelm when it comes to marketing, operations, and cash-flow management. These people have good products but lack the systems, tools, structure, and guidance to turn their brand into a low-maintenance, wealth-building machine.  

What We Do

We help these founders build “7-Figure cash-cows” — a brand that makes $100k+ /month profit, with 3-5 products, 3-5 member team, happy customers, and a chill lifestyle. We do this through our three training programs – Next Level E-commerce Brands, Exit Blueprint (Systems), and Exit Blueprint (Inner Circle Mastermind). Our programs aim to maximize: Profits, investor visibility, customer satisfaction, and founder happiness. Our programs aim to minimize: Complexity, excessive work hours, costs, overwhelm, and stress.

Our Philosophy

“7-Figure cash-cows”  is the perfect balance between profit, investor visibility, customer satisfaction, and founder happiness. To achieve this balance, we follow a philosophy built on 4-core principles: 

1. Results – client results are the most important thing.

2. Simplicity – do more with less. 

3. Joy – have fun with your business again.

4. Profit – revenue is a vanity metric and profit is a sanity metric. Profits > Revenue. 

5. Grow – your business grows as you grow

6. Speed – follow a roadmap and save time.

Our Story

Part 1. Build

Fresh Heritage started in 2017 after a brothers trip to Morocco. We fell in love with the natural oils used on our beard and wanted to share it with other men on their beard care journey.  We realized men needed a home (without judgment) that provided quality products for their beard care journey. We had no idea what it took to grow an e-commerce business but we knew how to build a strong community of followers.

Part 2. Scale Issues

We rolled up our sleeves up and learn everything by being hands on. We built strong relationships with experts in the marketing space and enrolled in a few brand building courses. With a combo of efforts, we scaled our business to $60k in under 4 months and became a Shopify mentoring partner.  We had good products and grew extremely fast but lacked the structure, team and operational functions to make the company thrive the way it needed to. We lost ad accounts, almost went bankrupt - had big revenue but low profit. We began to feel overwhelmed and stressed worked long hours to make things works.

Part 3. Systems & Profit

In 2019, we hit a road block and growth cap in the business.  We started experiencing Issues with cash-flow, supply chain issues, customer complaints, staffing shortage, you name it. We were really considering shutting the business down. Around that time, my wife Natarcia quit her 6-figure corporate job. Her skills in operations, business development, project management and team development were exactly what we needed. She joined as the COO and focused on the operations of the company while I pushed our marketing efforts hard. We cut expenses and scaled back up to 6-figure months with 40% profit. With the strong systems we built, we were able to take our business to the ultimate level.

Part 4. Refocus on brand & customers

Business was back on track. We pushed it to another level through our rebrand. We decided to focus closely to customer demands. We surveyed over 100+ repeat customers to hear what they really wanted. After hearing their feedback, we only made products specific to their needs. We kept our product launches simple yet effective.  We built a strong team, moved fulfillment back in house and stayed close to our products and customers all while keeping cost lean. Within that year, we grew to 7-figures. Our team felt proud to work in a brand that focused on quality. Their hard work and dedication took our brand to its highest potential.

Part 5. Generational Wealth

In 2020, we started our family and decided it was time to take things slower. We desired to work smarter, not harder. We moved to a beach house and settled in our new family and worked 10 hour weeks. We knew building generational wealth and freedom for our family was the #1 priority from jump so we decided to sell our company. We had over 200+ interested investors which created a bidding war. After 2 months on the market, we were bought by a global brand. We discovered that what we built was rare. Our broker and the investors told us that we build a business that was irresistible to buy.  Only 20% of brands that go on the market are successful in selling their business.

Part 5. Codner approach

We created our 3-step program because we did not want to leave other founders behind to fall in the 80% of failed brands. We can relate to the struggles at every stage and want you to know that you are not alone. We created a step-by-step system for the novice founder to the expert founder. We created a community of founders for you to lean on and level up with. No matter what level of business you are in, we have the resources to help your brand get to it’s highest potential. We know that even the smartest founder can get tripped up when sourcing the right investors. With our experience in M&A (prior to building our brand), we can guide you on how to tell your brand story, grow a strong community, and give you all the tools you need to grow an impressive brand that will wow the toughest investor.

Our Team

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